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CBR250RR Turning switch snapped off?

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So I was riding back from the data centre today and I pressed the turning switch in after turning. It became really loose. Then I went back to the office, unscrewed the housing unit and appears the turning button has snapped off... Anyone know where I can get a replacement or an entire new housing unit?

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even though it doesnt sound feasible can you re attach it?

ring around a few wreckers, including metroplitan spares on silverwater road.
it happened to some one a few weeks ago as well and another member had one.
look for the thread and find out if they bought it separately

i know.......my attention to detail sux =)
What you you suggest I use to reattach it?
Could try super glue, but i doubt it would last.

I retract my statement on re attaching it. its too flimsy to be viable, will just break again in a few days.

Found it, now to read it.
banana.logic said:
You must have powerful thumbs...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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