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anybody know where i can get cbr250rr head gasket. its the rubber one right at top has 4 knobs on it. im desperate for it. only found one site and the wont do paypal or bank transfer only credit card.
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sarcasm? implying not many ppl actually talk about cbr's on here? either way not real helpful! :(
small town called tocumwal. nsw/vic boarder. kinda near albury-wodonga.

they were only one i could find 'psidey' but i need credit card and dont really trust them. plus 3-4 weeks. my bikes is down to bare frame at moment. i thought i had everything but ebay "full gasket kit" was only the paper and metal sort of gaskets. not the rubber one at top (ripped the man in hong kong for it. think i, getting them for free now)
you couldnt be anymore correct tromac. dont know what i was thinking. actually thought i wrote a little more there.

good to hear psidey, will be onto it tomorrow, im going to ring around a few honda shops first but closest one is hour away, and i prefer online there usually pretty quick if i pay enough for postage
how long ago? know the fullers?

i have no pic's of it yet as it was dropped and broken before i pulled it apart and wasnt in this forum at that time.

i have some on facebook and im trying to get them on here!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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