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Change plug techni??

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Hi guys, I have trouble change that spark plug which located at the middle. I have lose the bottom spin that hold the radiator , but my hand still cannot reach it. Any techni or any other thing I need to take off before I can change that spark plug, thanks.
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After losening the radiator clip, did you move the radiator sideways?

If its still hard to reach, drain the radiator, remove the hose and get it out of the way completely. You could use this opportunity to flush the radiator and change the coolant as well
You cant get at it to loosen it? or you cant get it out of the hole once its loosened?
I find sometimes the little fuckers dont want to come out of their home and my fingers cant grab em.
If thats your prob turn the plug socket upside down and jam it down there, the little rubber thing in it seems to grab them that way.
i use the the spark plug lead. loosen the spark plug put the lead back on to the plug.

pull it out that way. then with some pointy nose pliers grap it and remove from lead and walla u have removed the spark plug
wat I do is .. eliminate the fairings .. loosen the radiator .. pull out the lead one at a time, then I use the socket extension the one as long as your finger and the spark plug tool .. put it in .. then connect the socket wrench on top and loosen away ..

TIP: if you dont loosen the radiator and move it aside, you'll be stuck taking out the leads let alone the spark plugs!

good luck man!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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