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Choke cable snapped

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Hi all,

The choke cable on my bike is broken about 10cm down from the knob. Should I not ride til this is fixed?

Also how easy is it to replace, where can I get one (2nd hand or new) and how much are they?

I'm fairly new to bikes, so please be gentle with your responses. :hail:

Thanks in advance!
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I've left this thread alone as I'm sure someone with more authority could provide a better response, but its not attracting too much attention so I'll throw in my two cents.

I can't see any harm in still using the bike with no choke, if you can get your bike started without it. It just means you can't use the choke to help start the bike if need be. You never know when you might need to use the choke, and Winter is approaching.

You could go a second hand one if you really wanted, but I'd recommend to just get a new one.

Its not too difficult to replace. Fuel tap off, remove petrol tank, unscrew the top half of the air box, now you can unscrew the bottom half (screws are inside the box), follow the choke cable down to the carbs and you'll see its attached to a lever (it engages the choke, surprise surprise!), just manoeuvre the end of the cable to detach it (you'll understand what I mean when looking at it) and reverse to install the replacement cable. When you put the new cable on ensure that when you pull the choke it operates as it should. The process is not as daunting as it sounds.

Also, make sure that whatever caused the first to break isn't going to damage your new one.
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seeing your location is strathfield so I'm assuming you live in Sydney. Head down to Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares in Silverwater. Buy brand new they only cost $20.
Thank you both heaps.

Yep sounded very daunting but I'll take your word that it's not hard and give it a go. $20 is very cheap, I will pop into that store and get one.

The cable just looked very old and worn out, is that normal? I'll check it out and see if something was rubbing against it.

Also, I discovered that it was broken because my bike failed to start. I'm a very new rider, so I've just been taking it for very short rides to practice. In these situations, do you advise that I get a battery charger from MCAS (Auburn)? I'm going to try jump starting it with my car shortly :nod: wish me luck!!

Thanks again guys
Just give them a call to make sure they have it in stock, I'm sure they will have it though.

When jump starting with your car make sure your car isn't running. You can get battery tenders, but that's if you don't use that your bike often.
Jumping with the car (while car's off) didn't work. Is it meant to work first time everytime? I just want to make sure it's battery related before I go and buy a charger. Any advice?

Give those a read.
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