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choke off and throttle on issues with vtr250

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hi all,
been ages since i've been on here but though i might do a shout out to see if anyone has any ideas on this problem i am having.
i pulled out my old vtr250 '06 from the garage recently to see if it still works. been sitting there for over a year.
no luck.
so i replaced the spark plugs, did a nice clean of the carbs, new oil. clean fuel.
so when i start it ( on choke ) and i let it warm up for a while. when i start to take the choke off it dies.
it i start to throttle on it has some trouble and dies.
i have checked all the seals and lines and there is no way it is getting extra air from anywhere or there is a fuel blockage.

any recommend anything?
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Carbs not cleaned properly. Idle jets most likely dirty or completely obstructed. Idle air screw also has realy small passages, sometimes hard to clean.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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