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Cleaning Tyres + Scrubbing in Tyres

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g'day all...

so i cleaned my chain the other day and then lubed it up with a decent amount of chain lube.

went for a ride today and it flicked lube and shit all over my rims and left side of my rear tyre.

so i was giving the rims a clean with a cloth and some degreaser, and then wiped the lube off the tyre as well with the same cloth.

what are your thoughts on a bit of degreaser on the side/edge of the tyre? am i gonna go for a slide? wasn't sure what else to clean it off with as i didn't want to put extra shit on it....so i just lightly scrubbed the edges with some sandpaper to get the degreaser off :-/

i must say though, the left edge of the tyre with the degreaser felt sticker than the right side where there was still wax.

what do u kids use to clean shit off your tyres?

and what's the best way to scrub in tyres (don't say burnouts)? i still have about an inch each side of my tyre that is still covered in wax. just gradually and slowly increase your lean angles until it's scrubbed in?
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As far as scrubbing my new set of boots in I took it easy for a tank (~200km) and then took it up a twisty run. 1cm on one side and about an inch on the other now. At least now everyone knows which is my preferred side :)

For cleaning tyres I've always just been careful when cleaning my chain. I use a toothbrush and have never really had an issue. When I'm spraying lube on I aim for the tyre not the wheel :p If I notice gunk I just take it easy for a bit till I assume it has been taken off by friction.
My thoughts? If there was lube on the tyre wall (as opposed to the tread), then I would have left it alone. If there was excess lube over my rims, then I'd be wiping that off with kero - but only every couple of thousand kms. I figure these things are bound to happen, so it's not worth spending too much effort on.

As for new tyre scrubbge - i've never had issues with using brand new tyres on the old road (on a sunny day). I usually keep to the speed limit and keep my throttle smooth (ie dont chop it on and off). Do a couple of laps and build towards your normal pace.
what sort of degreaser did you use? water based? or oil based?
Good question. It was one of those red aerosol cans from supercheapauto.
yep, those ones are shitty mc shit. They have that water dispersing property which would make your tyres very slippery.
I stay away from that degreaser. Look for the degreaser that foams up as it is sprayed, that stuff is much better. Supercheap don't have it.
I buy mine from MCA, or the reject shop.. where its like $1.50 per can. cheap as.
just buy water based degreaser from super cheap for $2.

its what raptor jesus wants you to do.
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