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Well, Since I have mangled my bike I have noticed a few things that are a little perculiar to me. My bike won't start unless it is in neutral, not even with clutch fully pulled in. Which has led me to beleive that there is a problem with my clutch electrical circuit.

correct me if I am wrong, but I can swear that when I was a n00b and stalled it at the lights because I was in second and not first gear :blush:, I could pull my clutch in and hit the starter and bam! bike lives again.

On my way home from my last crash (also my last ride :() I stalled it from anger/nerves/omfgikilledmybikeagain or something and I held up some traffic because it wouldn't start unless I found neutral..... this happened twice....

what should I be looking at? is this switch in the lever bracket thingo? and what are the wires attached to it?


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there's a switch on the clutch lever bracket wherein there are two wires attached to it...probably the switch got damaged...

pull the two wires, and connect the two with anything..clip, wire, etc. put your bike in gear, then start the bike while holding the clutch...if it comes to life...then your switch is definitely broken...

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Eclipze said:

All things explained in detail here...

Expect it's the sidestand or clutch switch. See the picture at the bottom of that thread to see the clutch switch position.
once again, Thank you sir!
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