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If the steels are flat, they're fine. Discolouration is probably just a result of the slippage. You could give them a bit of a rough up if you're paranoid, but it's probably not necessary.

Roughing can be as simple as just swirling them around on a concrete floor. Or use 200 grit sandpaper, dry.

Not sure what the wear limits are on the frictions, but it'll be in the manual.

A previous owner may have used synthetic car oil with friction modifiers in it, which is death to a motorcycle wet clutch. If that is the case, you'll need new friction plates 'coz the old ones will be contaminated with slippery shit from the oil and won't work properly ever again.

Springs... yeah, you could change 'em, but if it's slipping with stock springs, something else is wrong and you're better off fixing that than just masking the problem.
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