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Confused about pillion pegs and brackets for MC22??

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Ok, so I recently got myself some pillion pegs for the cibby... I was wondering if there was a bracket or something else that I'm missing to attach it to my bike??

Because if I just attach the pillion pegs, it wouldn't fold completely..
This might be a very noob question but i never seen a complete pillion peg setup and how the thing works in person...

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theres a bracket tucked all the way underneath the fairings on the subframe.
If you trace your finger from the rider seat the brackets are located just about below the end of the seat.
show us a pic of your pegs and we can tell you if you have everything.
they're all there, when you attach them you need to push that lever then they will fold down then the foot peg itself folds out.[hr]
the one on the right in your pic is the left side and vice versa.
Awesome!.. Thanks guys...

One more Question.

Where do I screw on the pillion pegs.. outside of the mounting bracket on the bike or the inside? ...

i.e the helmet lock is on the outside and the rego is on the inside.

Thanks again!
they go on the outside, like the helmet lock. (I was wondering what that thing was)
yeah outside. that helmet lock has been borrowed from another bike.[hr]
also, it looks like you have a tyga rear, am i right?

usually the pillion peg mounts are up behind the rear fairing on a standard rear and when they are folded up they are not visible.
HAHA yeah my old fizzer 250 =D

and yeah i have a tyga kit on..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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