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Crashed '96 zx6r trackbike

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Gday all,

Still for sale is my '96 zx6r trackbike that I crashed at PI in 2008. Sale ad originally posted at the old cbr250.com and I've have a renewed desire to sell.

The bike has been sitting disassembled in my garage since the crash and I have finally decided that it is time for me to cut my loses and sell up.

The engine is strong and ran very well before and after the crash. Last start was 9 months ago and now the battery is flat so I cant start it so she will need a new battery obviously.

The bike suffered a high side at moderate speed that has caused significant damage including fairing damage, scrape on fuel tank, LHS clip on bent, H-frame squashed, dash damage, clutch lever assembly damage and oil cooler damage

I have a few spares with it including
- spare second hand radiator in good nick. Radiator on bike is also reasonably good
- Spare knockoff aftermarket rear sets left and right (from 99-02 zx6) that fit and provide a sportier footpeg position
- knockoff brand steering damper
- Rear stand including bobbin pickups

I'm looking for $800 for it as is. Bike able to be viewed in Mt Waverley, melboune. But I am growing sick of the sight of the thing so I'll consider reasonable offers

Please call me on 0433 061 444 for further info.


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im interested, pending on funds, ill let you know tonight
I really wish I saw this thread in 2008 when my mate had the same zx6. Great for spares!
hey mate, can it be registered?
I dont think so.

And even if it could it really would not be a feasible project - the bike is setup as a trackie, it has zero road going gear on it. So you would need to spend lots of $$$ getting it road legal
nicko said:
hey mate, can it be registered?
Hey Gappa, sorry to push in on your sale thread, but if Nicko is after a registerable version, check mine out.

Hi gents - bike is on fleabay. Check it out here:


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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