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Damaged screw can't get it out... Please Help

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I got this rounded screw from my previous owner and It's starting to get on my nerves as I couldn't get it out. I bought a Grabit damage screw extractor but didn't work and that little bugger still won't come out. Is there anything I can do to get it out???
Here is a pic of the damaged screw:

Grabit screw extractor:
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multigrips? or maybe cut a slot into the head and use a flat head screw driver.
Liberal use of WD40 and maybe an impact driver? Is there enough head to attach vice-grips?
First try banana.logic suggestion then if that dosnt work try easyouts.
i agree with banana logic
cut a slot into the head
spray some wd 40 to remove rust
and then use an impact driver as it might be tight
have you tried yelling at it? failing that try this.
Get a (good quality) set of side cutters and grab the edges of the screw with them, squeeze so the cutter bite into the edges of the screw and turn ( hold them upright like you would a screwdriver) and it'll undo reasonably easily.
studricho tought me that at a service day and its a very very handy trick.
needs to be good quality cutters otherwise you can snap the tips off them.
Where are you? If you're in Melbourne then I've got a tool which does a great job of those sort of things... it is a $300 sort of electric multitool thing though... good for carpentry as well though :)

Otherwise, I'd go with getting a small cold chisel and an impact driver, theres no way you can cut a slot in that with anything that you're likely to have access to that will fit in there.

Get the cold chisel, make sure its very sharp, get a small hammer and support the handle as effectively as you can, onto wood or something. Give it a sharp tap, don't go to town on it or you'll brake the plastic it goes into, then use an electric impact driver with a flat head tool equipped to get it out.
What tool is it that you talk about Drewski?

It'll be a useful addition to my toolkit
I will try to use the method of chisel the top and use a phillip headed impact drill to get it out. Thanx guys for help!!!
K916 said:
What tool is it that you talk about Drewski?

It'll be a useful addition to my toolkit
They're called a Fein Multimaster; heres a brochure for them;


Its an oscillating saw, so you can make cuts in very tight locations, I've used them before to slot carbie float bowl screws for example.

I've also used mine to freehand trim my tail tidy for the M1100 (cutting off euro numberplate tabs because Au are smaller) and that sort of thing. There are a couple of youtube videos on what its actually designed to do as well :blush:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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