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E.C 28/06/10 Review

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Wow! What an eventful day...first id like to start off by thanking Blake and Wilf BIG time...driving all around sydney to pick my bike up on Sundy and pick me up and drop me off again today!!! :hail:

Also for Blake organising the day...cant wait for the next 1 bro!!!

secondly id like to thank Sage for letting us borrow the pedo van!!! :headbang:

Nice catching up with Chris, Freds, Joel,Tom and Stu...great company and hence a great day! :D acctually...Stu...stop raping my bike!!!

The only downer to the day was the last lap of the last session for White Group. Payers go out to her and her family...I hope you fully recover and its not too bad...


Joel and the Stig...




omg...i cant post more pics?!??! r u serious?!?....
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what do u mean it was an eventful day? did blake and everyone else manage to come out still looking shinny?
Toms, Blakes and Joels...
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blake and mike both had minor skids in the morning but was able to keep going the rest of the day.

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^^ that is the most epic photo!!! i want to buy it and blow it up and show it at his 30th!
thanks guys for a good day at the track :)

a shame that rider went down hope shes alright.
Glad to hear jooo gais had a good day. I was secretly cursing you as i looked out the window of my office at the clear sky!:mad:

Glad the pedovan was able to make a celebrity appearance in my absence:p

More pics prease:D
Awesome day. Stupid off in the second sesh. front went out i think due to cold right hand side of the tyre on lap 2. But was back up and running thanks everyone for helping me get back out there so quickly!

Pic of Wilf. As you can see my head in the background. Yes, I was getting shoulder down :p

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^ LOL!!! How Low Can you Go??? Max Sticks!!!
Blazzer said:
blake and mike both had minor skids in the morning but was able to keep going the rest of the day.

Epic Shoulder down, if only you had titanium shoulder plates, you'd have been sparkin! :headbang::headbang:
Dammit! I should've listened to Stu to chuck a sickie and tag along... missed out =(

Hope the girl's okay though.

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Blazzer said:
blake and mike both had minor skids in the morning but was able to keep going the rest of the day.

In soviet russia, invisible bike rides you!
^^^ hahah similar to this pic. its like, where the fuk did the bike go !?!? lol it use to be right there!

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Fark, what happened with those two bikes on the straight?
tell us more about the white group crash...

is that a white ciblet all smashed up on its side?? 2 bikes on the track though, don't tell me they hit each other. :S

other than that...the bikes look good! i need to grow some balls and go to the track one day.
Hmmm, not sure what happened to my existing account. Whatever...

Had a blast yesterday, mad fun. Thanks to Blake for organising this, running around getting van and stuff and trailer etc for me and Mikey, Owe you big time for that mate. Thanks to Sage for lending us the pedovan, a true workhorse that pulled through like a champion lol. And also the EC pit crew..(Stuart, Chris, Joel etc)...How many people does it take to change a bar end? apparently like 20 :lol:.

Looks like my sabotaging worked, Blake and Mikey went off following me :lol:

Bit of a sour end to the day, but hopefully the girl is ok. That was a massive collision.

Anyways, hope to do it again soon. :headbang:

Random, me, then blake right before the 'off':dance:

Blake decided he had enough of riding and decided to pull some new break dancing moves in the middle of the track. Awesome:hail:
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Looks like you lads had fun :)

WTF happened in that big accident? someone rear end someone else at full pace? That's not good to see.
Glad you lads are okay and you lot enjoyed the day. The tracks the safest place to have little spills (all things considering)

Dunno bout the whole ride day events these days :S

That rear ender looks to have been horrific...
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