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ebay regulator/rectifier

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Hi Guys,
Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with regulator/rectifiers bought off ebay.
A mechanic just told me it would be $180 for a new one yet i see them on ebay for roughly $40.

Any help would be appreciated.
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im not sure about their quality
but for something like a reg/rec i wouldnt be buying it off ebay no matter how cheap

eclipze is your man
pretty sure he sells them
This is Eclipze's website.

He seems to be out of stock at the moment, but when he has them he sells CBR regulator/rectifiers for $30 + $9 postage and handling with next day delivery.

Buy a Shift-I while you're there. You won't regret it. He won't even charge you any extra for postage.
Eclipze is out of stock permanently :-/ I also hit him up recently about these. I was going to look on ebay for one but I am a bit hesitant.

I think for $40 it would be worth a try though. If it died on a long journey it would be the worst case, and a new battery would be another bad case.

Any other damage a faulty reg/rec could do?

If the ebay ones work, money well spent, if not, worth a shot is my opinion.
Yeah... unfortunately none left. No getting any more, as I nearly lost my money bringing in the last lot. I have made subsequent inquiries and looked for alternatives... but nothing I'm happy with yet.
Eclipze said:
Yeah... unfortunately none left. No getting any more, as I nearly lost my money bringing in the last lot. I have made subsequent inquiries and looked for alternatives... but nothing I'm happy with yet.
Whats your opinion on the ebay recs mate?
roobars said:
Whats your opinion on the ebay recs mate?
Good and bad. As with anything, you tend to hear mostly bad reports with such parts, simply because it typical people only speak about it because it's an issue. Rather than those blissfully unaware people, that installed it and forgot about it, because it's no longer a problem.

Otherwise... it's difficult to say. There could be some good ones hit the market then a period of bad ones. Pretty cheap, so keep that in mind. Ideally, if it failed you'd take it back for a replacement. But I wouldn't expect any such service from an ebayer in China... typically they just ignore those emails - unless perhaps you can threaten with negative feedback and they care enough hahaa...

You could always consider the chances that buying 2 or 3 of them worst case, you'd still be ahead of the $180 Honda ones... if it come to that. Heck... buy 2 at the same time... if the first works good for a month, sell the other on ebay or here. If you want to spend more, then perhaps one off a different bike would be the next cost effective choice.
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hey cant you do a swap with the older R1's??

i remeber reading that it was almost a straight swap
if its the same voltage and size(for fitting) my gixxy k6 runs a k5 1000 regulator and no dramas!

Got some cool info on R/R's there.

The FH012 is rather large compared to the CBR250s reg/rec. I've been looking for supply of the FH008 models, which is the 35A version and would be a very good replacement for the CBR250's and also my 675. But the manufacturer has ignored my emails. I've only gotten through to one office so far, which direct me back to them. Found 2 other Chinese manufactures of reg/rec's that could possibly suit the job, but they haven't responded either. Given me the shits. I've even briefly looked at making my own synchronized bridge rectifier design (full FET design, not half design), that would out perform these... but I doubt I could justify the development time.
Hi guys,
Thanks for all the advice. I can definately see where you're coming from Eclipze. I'm goning to give ebays a go. Wether it be a good result or bad result i will update the post so future people will have a reference.
Hopefully it if its gonna crap out prematurely it holds out until Eclipze hears back from one of those manufacturers.
Good luck with it mate and thanks again.
Update on Ebay reg/recs

6 months on and my $40 regulator rectifier is still going. i've ridden the bike almost every weekend and it has averaged at about 100 km's per weekend. I think this is a pretty good gauge.

Eclipze i hope you have managed to track down a supplier so we dont have to play the little game of Russian roulette with our weekends out on the bike (there is nothing like the feeling of your engine losing power as the reg/rec craps out on you).

Thanks again for all the advise guys.
hey eclipse what are the pro's and con's of running 2 rectifiers in parallel?
The other way to try and get the best life out of your reg/rec is to use heat transfer compound.

They get pretty hot and there is a reason why even small transistors in commercial electronics use it.
Going to grab one of these ones off ebay now hope i dont get a dodgy one and it holds up like mitchal's has. Will be using the heat transfer compound for sure thanks for the tip!
i bought one of a wreckers... ripped me off 100$, hasn't broken yet and fixed the problem, so i cant say much.
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