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Entourage is one of the most entertaining shows Ive ever seen. A showabout the life of a big time movie star is something unique and i personally thought a show like that would be boring. But not entourage this show is hilarious. The characters and casting is so great. The characters actually seem like they could be a real people. It actually feels like the characters are actually real movie stars due to the very frequent guest appearances by celebrities. Every season of entourage is great expect the latest one, season 6. It was pretty terrible in my opinion but the finale shows some potential for the next season to be better. Overall, entourage is extremely good everyone.

The Tribe DVD 1-5
True Blood DVD 1-2
The Office DVD 1-6
Entourage DVD 1-6
The Simpsons DVD 1-21
The Sopranos DVD 1-6
Lost DVD 1-6
House MD DVD 1-6
Scrubs DVD 1-9
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7
Criminal Minds DVD 1-5
Desperate Housewives DVD 1-6

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dayeve said:
What draws the spammers to the new forum? Why didn't we have this problem before?
We were using obscure forum software that's largely unsupported and unused, so no one writes spam modules for it. Now we're using a popular and recent system, we have an attack surface.

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The company involved in this one is "Star DVD city" or http://stardvdcity.com

On their contact us page it says:
"We will send our reply to your INBOX, if you don't receive our reply in Inbox, please check it in SPAM box."


I think we should employ the "sumoto approach" to combat spammers. Whenever a spammer creates a thread, we mention their name and URL, in this case Star DVD City and http://stardvdcity.com a few times, give them shit for being spamming cockfayses, and hopefully come up in a google result when people google the business to see if it's legit.

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