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The time has come to consider letting go of my old faithful ciblet or converting it to the track...

1990 (or 91 cant remember at the moment) Red CBR250RR.
Rego till September 30th
RWC will be provided upon purchase

New battery (purchased at maintainence day), oil and filter changed about 500ks ago (at maintainence day), new chain and sprockets, Jesters heel and chain guards, plenty of tread left on the tyres, plenty of meat left on pads and discs....

To sweeten the deal I have a set of Nastro Azzuro fairings (in average condition... perfect for the track) I'll throw in because I won't have the need for them if this sells and some other parts I have picked up along the way (RHS Aus Delivered fairing, coils and leads, a front tyre rim)

It isn't the prettiest bike but if you are handy with a spray gun it wouldn't take much to get it looking schmik... I wasn't interested in looks but performance and this bike has been well maintained.

Please don't ask for a price because this is an expression of interest and if you are interested PM me a price... Otherwise you aren't interested and just snooping....

Pics to come later because I'm at work ATM.
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3500 is a bit too much for A ugly bike , considering fairings cost a bit , and also ,i'd pay no more then 3 k
supernismos14 said:
3500 is a bit too much for A ugly bike , considering fairings cost a bit , and also ,i'd pay no more then 3 k
Fairings cost $500 from here (http://cbr250.com/forum/thread-2149.html) or what looks like $420 here (http://cbr250.com/forum/thread-2509.html)

This bike also comes with a spare set of fairings that can easily be used for track days, coil packs and leads, Aus delivered front left fairing, new battery, new straight through exhaust, spare stock exhaust, serviced about 1000k ago (oil and filter), new chain and sprockets 1000K ago, Jester heal guards and a full years Rego...

All that for $3500 I think is a pretty good deal...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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