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F40 vs Lambretta

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Excuse excuses excuses.

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Excuse me?
OMG, now lets talk about Nodding and scooter riders

Okay Keith, this one time i waved at what i thought was a bike but it turned it was a scooter, i was so embarrassed i pretended i was adjusting my mirror. Luckily i don't think he noticed, whew! close call. lol
........sorry i nodded off there, that oversized electric razor was taking for ever to get over the line :p
Google tells me 13.4 sec.
Yawn....think i'll take another nap while I wait for the Ferrari
I know what i would prefer in my garage!

The F40 gives me a serious jones.
I would be awfully worried if anyone would take the scooter over a race prepped F40!!!

Insta-ban if you ask me!
Agreed. But tell me none of you wouldn't wanna go for a spin on that scooter lookin' for hektik muthafuckers in VLs (or anything else for that matter).

that would show em. those hektk muthafuckas.
Anyone else find it funny how the F40 driver goes

'five 'undred brake 'orse'
The drag race is at 3:30 for anyone who just wants to see the candy.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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