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Fairing Repair.

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Long story short, had a close one today (quite sure i could have saved it if arrow max hadn't locked up on the back. likely story i know.) Sideswiped the tray on the back of a truck with my mirror and snapped the fairing and screen where it connects to the H frame. thankfully i can jsut repair the fairing there and it wont be to noticeable.
Question is, what epoxy/glue/adhesive/chewinggum would anyone recommend for repair. Fairings came with the bike and their not original, think their fiberglass? their a grey colour under the paintwork. (will post pics if required)
Screen is snapped to, though pretty sure an epoxy join will be real noticeable on the tint, anything that might join it with a decent finish? its not quite trashed enough to justify buying a new screen.
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If its fibreglass justuse a fibreglass repair kit on the fairings, you can get them at any parts store
Post pics if your not sure if its fibreglass or ABS
I would just buy an ebay screen for the screen - they break easy and don't cost much :p

if you just want to tack a piece of plastic back on you can use this stuff called... <forgot sorry> - anyway, you just make a groove, fill the groove with this powder shit, and then drop the liquid onto it and it will fizz and hiss and chemicaly weld it together. or you could plastic weld it.

fiberglass repair kit for fiberglass as mentioned. if you are anal like me, you can bog the cracks, sand and paint match a small area with a supercheap airbrush... take your time and you can't go wrong.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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