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Filling coolant (nubber q within prepare yourself)

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Service manual says 1:1 coolant:water

Radiator capacity 2.76L, coolant reservoir capacity 0.25L

Does this mean I put in 0.125L of water and coolant into the reservoir?
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1:1 is 50% of each so i guess so...... if my ute reservoir seems a bit low i just put water in it though dont think it matters to much, correct me if im wrong
why dont you just premix it in a separate bottle 50-50 and then fill up the res?
I think he is asking if you have to fill up the res and the radiator, or just the radiator? is that it? I just filled my radiator when I did mine with the total capacity of the whole system, I didn't have any adverse effects or problems...
Fill the radiator through the radiator cap.

Top up the resovoir if required.

Use a premix to save you the trouble, else use distilled water/coolant concentrate
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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