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Fitting Pillion pegs with a TYGA tail on an MC22

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Originally posted by Riceboi
[br]Not sure if anyone else with the TYGA tail on their 22 had problems with using the stock pillion pegs.

From what I've seen people either hang the stock pegs from one corner of the mounting points on the pegs or cut the rear fender to make room for the 2'nd mounting point. I found that doing this you couldn't fold them up properly and they swung around and weren't stable for the passenger.

With The TYGA tail on my bike one of the mounting point for the stock pillion pegs was no longer available so I haven't had the pillion pegs on my bike since I got it.Whilst this wasn't a major problem, just meant if I had someone on the back they would put their foot on the exhaust.

After much deliberation as to which pegs of another bike to get and try to fit I decided it would be better to just try to mod the stock ones to fit so I didn't have to cut into the tail fender. This is how I fitted the stock pegs.

*Note this is the same for both sides and you will not be able to use the pegs as originally used again*

First I got the stock pillion pegs and undid the 14 mm bold that the peg swivels on to fold up. Then I undid the 8 mm bolt on the side that holds the push button lever on. Then I undid the 17mm bolt on the back of the peg.

Once you have the crap off you no longer need you should just have this part

Next take this part and pop it in a vice to hold it so you can cut it down to fit.

Then using a hacksaw you need to cut between the two holes up top. After you have cut of the top triangular section you should be left with this:

This pretty much is all you need to do to shape the peg so It will fit onto the exposed mounting point. Here you can clean it up with some emery paper if you want to. I didn't :/

Position the peg so you can push it up so the hole in the peg and the mounting hole line up. You will probably need to use a rubber mallet to push it up as it is tight.

Then take one of the original 12mm bolts held the pegs on. Give it a good spray with some WD40. And screw the bolt in carefully as to not cross thread it.

Once you done it should look like this:

It should lock around the mounting point and not be able to move forward or backwards. And should fold up without touching anything even with a 80-90 kg passenger lol

Don't know if this is useful to anyone but I searched for ages and couldn't find anything.


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Thanks for this! I'll be using it in a couple of weeks =)
Hmmm... the stock pegs fitted perfectly on my bike after I installed the tyga tail, they just can't fold up because of the new fender.
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