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I has the res socks still for sale!!

$9 a pop, 50c postage, I can jam 2 into an envelope.

I need your address Rory to send you a bunch!!




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'cuse my lack of knowledge but what do these do?

Keep the juices cool?
Not positive myself but I would have thought maybe to stop brake fluid leaking in a bin.
Socks arent supposed to have holes at both ends.... duhhhh :D
GG said:
'cuse my lack of knowledge but what do these do?

Keep the juices cool?
I hear its to keep sunlight out because it deteriorates the quality of brake fluid.
My money is on either damage limitation (not getting brake fluid on stuff thats not already damaged) or an extra area to jam some sponsorship information.

Alternately it could just be there to stop them spilling the shit all over the body work when they're just topping it up in the pits...

Either way, the only thing its not likely to be is to keep sunlight away because if that was an issue the reservoir would be black. :p
I totally agree Drew. I'm sure its more form over function.
I heard ages ago it was to warm it up somewhat, nfi haha..

but pretty sure its for fluid to not go everywhere if you have a leak
It's for advertising/showing off how much stick you have/stopping leaks.

Haggis: I'll pm you mah deets, I need your delivery address!
are there any other uses for a open ended sock?
cock sock?

Im guessing its $9 each yea richo, so $18 for the pair?
CBR_RR: Yeah mang.
CBR_RR said:
cock sock?
aka Peter Heater.

If you are longer than the average bear you will probably need to shell out $18 to ward off the winter chill.
Stavros said:
CBR_RR said:
cock sock?
aka Peter Heater.
aka Wally Warmer?

are there anymore left ?? if so id like to take a black one please..
getnkd said:
id like to take a black one

getnkd: YEah I'll pm you mah deets.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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