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RE: found a mc22 sitting for over 2 years outside.. bargin.

Drew said:
maybe turn it over by hand a few times to make sure that everything is sweet, then put a new battery in it and give it a crank...
God, please, NO! The bores will most likely be seized or on the verge of it. Best case scenario is they are clean and devoid of lubrication. Remove the spark plugs and pour a teaspoon of oil or diesel fuel into each cylinder, and let sit overnight. This will lube the piston rings and (hopefully) gudgeon pins, thus allowing a clean snatch-free (bah haha!) start.

Replace the spark plugs, battery, coolant, oil, brake fluid, filters and fuel. You will need to drain and clean the carbies, as well as check all electrical connections such as battery terminals and crucial stuff like ignition.

After you get her started (shouldn't be more than I've mentioned) you can go from there with diagnostics.

Cheers - boingk
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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