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Front brake keeps on losing pressure

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have a cbr 250r Abs 2012.
So apparently I was riding 2 weeks back and my front brake loses the pressure like half the lever was sinking inwards. I approached my mechanic and he suggested me the same to change the master cylinder repair kit I found it and got it changed. After changing it in about 4 days and lever sinked again. I got another master cylinder repair kit and got it replaced thinking it be a fault repair kit. Same happened again and this time the lever lost all the pressure, pressing it fully had zero impact on braking. Then my mechanic suggested to change the whole front brake assembly (reservoir, switch, master cylinder) i got the whole kit and got it replaced and after 6 days my lever still loses all the pressure. Have zero clue what to do now. Seeking help. I hope some of you might be able to help me. Thank you brothers.
Update :- removed the abs fuse. (abs not working) ran the bike around 30kms the brake isn't losing pressure anymore.
What can be the probable issue in abs?
Can abs be repaired?
Or do i have to look for new abs unit ?
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First, find new mechanic that tests and measures to find what's wrong rather than just replace parts.

Trace flow of fluid from front master-cylinder to brake caliper. Where does it go next?
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