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Front mud guard

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Easy one hopefully.... Anyone know whether you have to take the whole front wheel off to take the mud guard off?
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Yep! Pretty sure you do.
Do you have a bike? You can clearly see where the bolts are.
taking the front wheel off is the easiest way without breaking/scratching anything....

you can acctually bend it in but ull def scratch ur guard.
ya.... cbr250rr mc22 forgot to mention

yeh, there are 4 bolts connecting it to the suspension (2 each side). Heard that you have to remove the front wheel as well to take it off... which is fked :(

hmm... so you don't reeally have to? i assume it'll scratch the bit thats touching the suspenion?
yes, u can bend it in with force, but the guard will get scratched on each side by the forks...depends how anal/lazy u are...

put a thin/single layer of cloth inbetween and try? but yeah...high risk of scratches even if u protect it!
just take wheel off wont damage any thing then
I wouldn't attempt do this unless you have done a few years of university. Its basically rocket science.

just had a look at it... there's these clips connecting the bolts inside the guard, if i undid the bolts the clips would fall out and i'd never get em back on without takin the wheel off.... looks like wheel off is the best way.... :mad:

just got the carbon tyga front guard, really wanted to install it wiv out takin the wheel off coz i dont have a front stand..

dayeve - hmm.. not really rocket science... just pain the arse :-/
lol if its real carbon its pretty unlikely you'd get it in there without snapping it anyway.
take the wheel off....it will take you an extra 20 mins and save you a new carbon front guard........
the carbon is quite rigid and plus with the bits on the tyga guard that cover the forks, you will have next to no chance of getting it on.
a stock guard is hard enough to put on without damaging it in some way let alone the tyga one...
oh...i thought u were just putting on a old used crappy mudguard...if its a shiny new carbon tyga guard then no choice...take the wheel off!
If you are super noob, when you have your wheel off, DO NOT TOUCH THE BRAKE LEVER!

You will be surprised how many people do this.
lol.... Thanks for the responses.... i'll be taking it off at a mate's place... a hassle but best way.....

cheers :D
i put a plank of wood under the exhaust and jacked off it an got my mate to balance it why i did everything, screw letting him touch it he tends to brake things. (not sure if this is advised but it worked for me)
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