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FS [BNE] Pocket Bike (CAG)

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Hey all,

Don't have anytime anymore to take my CAG out racing as Uni chews up all my time, so i have decided to sell it.

Few Details:
- Chinese CAG Body
- Newish fairings (bit scratched from moving house)
- Rebuilt engine, has not been ridden since being rebuilt with 5 port kit
- 5 port Kit from Hansen Racing
- larger jetting
- S/S exhaust from Hansen Racing
- New Chain
- Tyres only one race meet old
- Paddock stand
- Brand new battery pack/charger for transponders at Lakeside.

It is in fairly good condition for being around 4 years old, engine runs perfect, minor surface rust but only cosmetic.

Price: $180-

Location: Murrumba Downs (Pickup only)

Pics: (Yes it lives in my living room :D)


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What is the difference between a CAG and the standard eBay pocketbike?
they are the same generally (chinese made) they are generally 49cc air cooled, but you will find however that body work may be different, brakes, wheels and frames. Every person i have talked to with the hydrolic brakes have removed them and fitted the cable brakes like mine because they are a lot better. Mine however has the 5 port kit on it (i put it on myself after the standard engine died during a race) which changed pretty much all the internals (bore, piston, crank, bearings...) of the engine to make it larger and faster. I cant remember off the top of my head what it bumps the cc's upto though.

Awesome fun though, only bike my fiancée doesn't care about me taking to the track :) I'd love to keep it but i just dont have time for it, no point having a brand new engine and it just sitting here going to waste, someone should enjoy it. And atleast parts are readily available here in Aus too.
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if you still have it in a month I will take it off your hands....
Lol - people race these ? How fast does it go ?
LOL this is crazy , if this was up like a couple of months ago i would of bought it straight away .

but now i'm fixing my cbr lol
does it wheelie?
Chrissybenn said:
does it wheelie?
Ive tried several times, and have managed a small wheelie lol. My brother also has a pocket bike and tried whilst drunk....it didnt end well lol.
Google "Murrumba Downs"
Ahhh crap....he's a Queenslander :dodgy:
Cag is what they called the aircooled pocket bikes;) I own a pretty worked up watercooled one which does wheelies quite easy:D
They are very fun but be warned, do not ride them on roads etc unless you wana face a hefty fine if caught..
Good luck with the sale dude:)

now on eBay
wow i thought this was long gone!
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