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They are damaged from an accident, was intending to fix them up. Started on one of the fairings but never got round to finishing them off. Would be great for someone less lazy than I.

Have sold the bike so no longer need them.

If interested check out my Ebay Auction

As stated on ebay, pickup only from Camp Hill Brisbane.

Pics showing damage:

left front, probably the most damage, chunk missing.

left front, another chunk

left front, one of the bolt holders is snapped off.

right front, one of the bolt holders is snapped off

right front, some scratching, but otherwise ok

nosecone, cracked where the mirror screws on, both sides

nosecone, and one side on the end is snapped off

nosecone, and some scratching

tail, fine

right rear, also fine

left rear - WAS
crack as shown, also small crack near to where seat screws in.

left rear, otherwise fine

left rear - NOW
plastic welded sanded and primed ready to paint.
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