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FS: Ford Falcon Ute - Set-up for bike transport

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Hey guys, my ute is up for sale. Its got the ford motorcycle transport kit installed and easily carries 2 sportsbikes

2001 Falcon ute, AUII, Congo Green, 165000k's

Located in Sydney, here's the carsales link

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How big is this tray compared to xr6? and does the tailgate have to be down for bike transport?
Have seen this ute travel from Sydney to Melbourne with two 600cc bikes in the tray and holds up well.

Would be ideal for those who don't want to get a trailer to save $$.
+1 can vouch for the car! it has taken mine up to melbs and back no worries :D

Good luck!
Cheers guys

Roobars, ive posted a pic in your other thread on how the tailgate gets held up

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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