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G'day all

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G'day, I'm Mick, or Micks if you like. I'm new to this forum, and after having a look around I think I'll be a regular around here, if you'll have me lol.

Just thought I'd say hello and formaly introduce myself, I've been riding for about 6months, and bought myself a red/black mc19 babyblade(1988) (I'll get some photos up soon), and lov'n it.

Look forward to picking your brains for knowledge and know how.

Have a good 1
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Welcome. Show us some pics of your bike.
Hey, just moved back to Sydney after 5 years in Canberra.


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Congrats on finding your way back to Gods promised land!

And welcome to the forum - sometimes I think you may have been better staying in Canberra than joining up here... Just don't touch anyone and I guess you won't catch anything...

Especially Richo... He's riddled.
I loled :L

Mickydicky said:
pOint_01 said:
im the original Michael
Im the original Mick

i down for some MMA service day action
welcome :)
Welcome to the forum dude. Keep her rubber side down...
Thanks fellas, yeah it is a great bike, had a problem with a relay and a crapy aftermarket fuel pump when I first gor it, but hasn't missed a beat since I fixed it. Only thing im considering doing now is getting a ducktail type rear section and colour matching it to the rest of the bike, and maybe white powder coated wheels and white seats. Whatcha reckon?
Only thing I'd do to that bike is put some rim tape on it and leave it! She's looking good as is!
yeah I think it looks mint already, although I can agree with a tgya ducktail. Sneddy, mc19 have 17" Rims don't they? you just gave me some inspiration
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