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Glazing of brake disc/pads??

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So was riding around in the wet the other week and noticed that my front brakes lost that initial bite... put it down to having wet pads, but had a good look today and it seems that the inside of one of the front disc surface was not as clean as the others... looks like it was has bee glazed over...??

just wondering what would cause this and how to fix?

plenty of meat left on the pads and there's no sign of any uneven wear n the disc...

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Overtemp will glaze pads, then you're stopping with clamping force instead of friction.

What pads?

The fix is just to take em out and take the glaze off with some wet and dry,
dragging the pads or alternately lots of low effort braking will glaze the pads, you can either do as richo has suggested or alternately just make a half dozen full effort stops from maybe 100km/h or so depending on the bike, this will get the pads up to temp and blow away the glazing ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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