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Ok, so I am stuck out in the middle of nowhere, no shops to speak of, 3 pubs, too many locals, and nothing to do........

except.... there is HEAPS of places to go off road. so...

I am looking for a _starter_ trail bike that I will not kill myself on, yet still be able to do some wheelie practice, and maybe jump it in a month or so, that is not going to have to be rebuilt every 15 hours.

I don't know anything about dirt bike models, so what is a good place to start, in the second hand dirt bike world?

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Sneddy said:
If you want something indestructible, get a DRZ400E pre 2007 model.

Otherwise a yammy wr250/400 would be good as well. Just requires a lil more maintenance, but has other benifits.
Thanks mate,

by indestructable do you mean, regular oil and filter change, some chain lube, and she's golden?

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Dead on.

I don't know how they perform in dirt trim as I've only ridden them (all 3) in motard trim.

I know the DRZ is heavier which might make using it as a trail bike a bit of a drag. Some others on here hit the dirt so best to wait to hear from them.
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