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GoPro HD Motorsports hero

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Anyone got one of these and has some sample vids they can show me? I've seen the go pro ones but I want to see someones track day vids or something with this just to get a feel for what they turn out like for the average joe.

The product is: http://www.goprocamera.com/index.php?area=2&productid=30

I want one but want to make sure it's the bees knees before I get it.
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yeah i had one since it got released. and i recon they are for sure the best out there... no problems with it at all cept for the clip on the casing is to weak i think if it going to get throwin around alot. but yeah quality of video is top stuff. you don't get any jelly effect like you do with others when u move it around a lot. not good in low light but meh. very shock proof. got no footage from a track day tho sorry.
Thanks PP. Got any vids you took with it? Was that snowboarding vid taken with it?

I would use it for other stuff too but primarily on bikes
yeah merudo has one that we had a play with one day, quality pic and mounting.

I have been meaning to grab one to take for a run up Mt Mee etc.
Tis a very nice piece of kit. 60fps @ 720p is beautiful! Very slick.
Awesome I'm going to get one for sure.
Check em out on ebay, I picked mine up for AUD$300 shipped, the dollar was good at the time but still, it's a far cry from how much they are in bike shops here (~$500)

I have a GoPro Hero Wide (not HD) and made a lot of videos with it recentely.

These ones are on my CBR 250RR:


I have a lot of onboards of my other bikes made with the GoPro on my YouTube account:

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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