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GP2010 Forum Jumpers

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Heya Team.

Yes it's true, I'm back in glorious Melb and loving it.

Im happy to volunteer to organise the GP2010 Forum Jumpers for this year's highly anticipated race. Kate has done an awesome job so far so I am not sure I will be able to match, but I will do my darndest.

Post away your suggestions and designs. We can vote later and I shall make it all happen. I'll keep any slogans that come in at the top of the thread for easy reading.

I've no idea on pricing just yet, so will update that later. I will see if I can pull some strings with my printing budskis and get us a deal. Anyone with leads let me know! Once pricing is worked out I will need your moolah in my bank account before putting down the order, so get in quick once the prices have been set. Anyone who orders one will have their chosen name on the back etc.

Any questions, comments, concerns, yarns or bored lols just holla.

Cheerio peeps!

Lov'n life


1. I've got a boner for Adriana Stoner (yes, Richo is still petitioning for this one)
2. The FC Racing guy is a stickless noob
3. Stickless Noobs 2010
4. If only Dennis Hopper rode a motorcycle
5. Dennis CHopper
6. Metre'ing your sh1t since 2009
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Dennis CHopper

I do like the "Stickless Noobs 2010"
Just chuck cammys sig down the bottom "Also, Penis"

Hessian said:
Dennis CHopper

I do like the "Stickless Noobs 2010"
Just chuck cammys sig down the bottom "Also, Penis"
I've got a boner for adriana stoner has been used by some other dudes before so that makes it a bit lame!

I don't have too much input :$

how about:

Metre'ing your sh1t since 2009[hr]
OH! and get PP to do the graphics again!
It fucking HAS to be "Metre'ing your sh1t since 2009" In fact, that should be the slogan forever.

Hahaha, how about I do up a design with a roll of gladwrap riding a motorbike around the PI track to go with it??
Do your worst toots.

lol @ toots!

I think that could work, I like how his roll of metres says metres on it :D
Depends - if you have a design I like up by next Sunday then I'm in. If not, I wont be here for all of Aug so can't check it (which is why I'm not organising - no time)

BTW - the attachment you have has way too much detail. Ask Paul nicely and he might draw something up. He has for the last 2 years for me.
Drifty said:

Back: ..And such..
"as such" you bewb
Drifty said:

Back: ..And such..
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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