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grey's anatomy dvd 1-6

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In under a year, Grey's Anatomy[/url] has gone from a replacement show[/url] to one of the top rated dramas on television.[/url] The show consistently demonstrates that brilliantly written characters, a diverse cast, lots of romance[/url], and loads of drama set in the fast-paced world of surgery makes for an wonderful combination.[/url] The 27 episodes of Season 2 [/url]build on the brilliance of season 1, delivering a knockout performance that is a must buy for anyGrey's fan. [/url]
Grey's Anatomy is about the lives and loves of 5 young surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. Placed in the most competitive and grueling internship a hospital has, as they learn to become surgeons from some of the best in the business. Season 1's nine [/url]episode run saw romance blossom between surgeries with intern Meredith Grey and attending physician Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) as well as intern Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) and attending surgeon Preston Burke Sparks also flew between fellow interns Dr. Izzy Stevens( Katherine Heigl) and Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) while Dr. George O'Malley (T.R McKnight) nursed an unrequited love on housemate Meredith. Every episode was filled with romance, comedy, drama, and tension.
Season 2 [/url]delivers more of the same, beginning with Derek's previously unknown wife, Addison (Kate Walsh) showing up at Seattle Grace to try to win back her busband, who left her after she slept with his best friend. Confronted with two women he loves,[/url] Derek is forced to choose between them, a choice that would have wide reaching consequences. That choice and its consequences have become the central theme for the Other continuing story arcs are Christina and Burke's developing relationship,lzzy’s and Alex's growing chemistry (thrown for a loop with the arrival of heart patient Denny), and Meredith's still unfinished feelings for Derek, which in season 2 [/url]cause her to do some incredibly dumb things, including breaking fan favorite George's [/url]heart. Series creater Rimes and the rest of the writing staff don't shy away from making controversial choices with the plots, as evidenced in the shocking 3-hour season finale.
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