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Grinding and polishing.

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First up, if this post looks retarded its because I'm doing it on my phone because my home computer has a virus.

I'm currently in the process of polishing the lips on my wheels, its been about 6 months since I started lol. I took off the tyres and used paint stripper and removed all the paint I wanted perfectly.

Only problem is when it comes to using different grit sand paper. I have probably about 30 sheets of paper from bunnings and auto shops with a range from 6oo to 1200 grit.

So I have al the gear etc but every time I sit down to start rubbing I do a patch of about 3cm and after 2mins I'm bored and have no interest in doing anymore because I feel like I'm getting nowhere and because of the huge job ahead.

I'm very tempted to give the wheels to a shop and pay them to do it but I really like knowing that every mod on my bike I have done myself and being able to explain to others how I have done them.

Anyway I have been on thE piss pretty hard tonight and am pretty impressed with myself for writing this. So I guess what I really wanted to ask is.....
What do you use to polish and grind shit with? I have a grinder but it seems so impractical on my wheels and I'm willing to buy one of those dremel things but I don't see why I couldn't just hook up one of those attachments to a power drill?
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Polishing is something that takes a lot of time and effort. If you're getting bored after 2 minutes, then you need to let it go and get them done.

you can get soft buffing pads for bench grinders, power drills or angle grinders
Mothers Power Cone

My bro used one of these to polish his old s15 wheels... came up real nice...
Hey crutch do you do metal polishing? I had your number before you moved shop but that was ages ago.
If so pm me about price for 2 wheel lips with the paint already removed.

I want to polish my top tripple clamp too so that mother power cone thing looks good for the hard to get places.
It's a job i wouldn't wish on anyone. But it's a labour of love for many people.

It takes a bit of commitment, but just doing your wheel lips is not a big job.

I usually start with 240 grit. Then 400, 600, 800, 1200 then buff with a stitched rag + fastcut(Grey) compound, then finish with an open calico buff with finishing compound (White).

I use a bench grinder with the wheels then use an electric hand drill with smaller wheels for the tighter spots. I did it all with the drill before i found a bench grinder.

Sounds like your biggest problem is you are starting with 600. Thats too fine. Why make it hard for yourself? Then just get yourself one of the Joyco buffing kits from bunnings. They have everything you need to turn your electric drill into a buffer. Cheap too.
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