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Harbourside Carpark City

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Hey guys,

Anyone parking at harbourside carpark? I'm starting work soon at the city and they told me to go park at the harbourside carpark.

Or do all motorcycles just go past the boom gate?

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Thanks =.=" I dont wanna call, btw I got one of those phones.:D

They are closed on weekends so I did try to call !
I use to park in there 5 days a week, i'm pretty sure there's enough gap to ride around the boom gates. There is however CCTV throughout and guards on foot patrols so they will probably catch on after a while...
Anyone know how to get to the parking underground where the star city tram is?
near star city you mean man? there is bike parking area where the buses leave for tours and that etc...or park over near the imax (down bottom of city)
star city
yeah mate, you just head down into the front of the casino PIRRAMA RD and turn into where the bus tours leave from, Along the wall there are always bikes parked :)
Your a life saver, can I make out with you? :p:p
yes..pm me for details or everyone will want a go!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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