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hazard blinkers on cibby

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hey all,

as the title says, anyone have any info on how to wire up the cibby so it has hazard blinkers? it would be awfully useful in a sudden downpour or emergency situations where visibility is limited.

calling on electrical guru eclipse hehehehe

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The easiest method would be to upgrade the flasher relay to something that can handle higher currents (than the stock). Then use a switch to short both indicator sides together. Turn the indicator on one direction and flick the hazards on.

Of course, it's illegal to use your hazards while moving, and doing the above would also stop the indicator light on the dash board from working.
I'm not so sure hazard flashing would be the best arrangement for sudden down pour conditions. I'd much rather a good bright set of brakelights and some reflective items. Like reflector strips on the back of your boot heels and also up high, like on the rear of your jacket / helmet.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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