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hello all i use to be sleepymexican on the old forum but havent been on here for a while and thought i would just change to sleepyCBR.

Long story short i went out for a ride after not going for a very long time and im pretty sure actually absolutely sure my battery is dead. So i just have a quick questions after reading this thred.


Will the Dynavolt YTX7L-BS fit in my CBR MC 19 because the battery in my bike has CTX7L-BS. And where can i buy these in melbourne supercheap/autobarn or i was going to try battery world.

Secondly anyone know of a cheap tow truck company that will come out to seaford and pick up the bike if the battery doesnt work?(it should) Or if anyone can could come pick it up for a reasonable price last time i got it towed it was $130 so hopefully it doesnt come to that :-/ as i'll be catching a plane out of here tomorrow.

thanks in advance
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