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HELP! Relist front brake caliper

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Hi guy, can someone show me how to relist the front brake caliper, I do some stupid things--when I change the fork seals, after I took off the wheel, I press the front brake few times, and the brake caliper is close firmly and not even a little gap left, so I can't slide it back to the disk.

And also when remove the front Mudguard, is it need to remove the front wheel, and slide it down to the bottom of the fork to take it off?

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screwdriver can wedge it back into position... silent bob did it for me(thanks again) when i accidently hit the brake lever[hr]
edit : flat head screwdriver!
A vice is the safest way to get the pistons back in.

If you decide to use a scredriver, make sure you dont hurt yourself or damage something
maybe empty some fluid out (brake fluid, not headlight fluid)
and yes, to take the front guard off, the front whe has to come off first.
just what juxt said, undo the bleeder and let some fluid out, pry apart the pads then do the bleeder back up.

remember to bleed your brakes after though when you've got everything back together.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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