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How do I put better indicators on a 6v postie bike?

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So I have been trying to figure out if I can put some better looking indicators on the postie.
I have seen what looks like small 'bulb ones' on other posties, but I have also thought about LEDs.
I am not really electrically minded (but I do know how to use a multimeter) and would really appreciate any advice.

The postie is a 6 volt system, not a 12 volt.

I have found this site, but my head spins when I try to figure out what he is talking about:


Anyone got any thoughts???

Eclipze? :D
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LEDs plus resistors if you want to use little ones.

If you want to use big ones then I'd suggest getting a driver circuit from somebody like www.cutter.com.au
Have you thought about lowering and a fat wheel + swingarm to match your better indicators?
I dont worry too much about indicators on the postie - namely because cars in rockhampton are sold with indicators as optional extras.
Do you have that beeping sound hooked up to your indicators or is that only postman spec special?
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