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how things are going

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Started putting my fairings on my bike while waiting for the tank to come back from the paint shop. Got the side fairings on and the front nose piece. also went to put on these indicators i got off ebay i heard people say to stay away from etshark but thats the only place i found indicators for mc19.
And surprise surprise they didn't fit, tried the oem 1's off of my other bike and they didnt fit either so it had to be the fairing, after bout an hour of cutting and sanding and trying not to scratch the paint on my new fairings i managed to get them fitting :D oober happy now. next problem to tackle is trying to get the bracket that hold the nose piece to fit the nose piece and mirrors.
I'm starting to learn things from ebay are generally crap:-/
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Your name isn't Wes by any chance is it? Just got an email from a bloke called Wes who wants that same bracket. Your bike an mc19?
sorry mr im not wes but yes its a mc19 here's some pics

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Aahh, the part you are after is referred to commonly as the "H-Frame". They sell on eBay all the time, though if you are fed up with that place then hit up the forums. Looks good by the way.
didnt know the mc19 came in tricolour. looks good.

edit : didnt read the ebay fairings bit.
Wait, what?

Is it the same H frame that isnt fitting the same mirrors?
Is it the same H frame and mirrors that isnt fitting the new nose cone?

Maybe your H frame is bent?

It is possible to bend back the H frame but in my experence it wasnt worth the muscle, swearing and the not quite exact fit that i got.

If you find the problem is the H frame, Just buy a OEM one or go to the wreckers and get a straight 2nd hand one.
mirros are oem h frame and nose cone arent, got 1 mirror fitting :)
Love the tricolour scheme
Got my tank back today painted beautifully white, got a tri colour honda wing sticker to match (post pics tomorow) managed to put it back on after work and get my mirrors and h frame fitting, i then stole some petrol from my dads lawn mower jerry and fired her up.:D:D:D took a bit before she idled right but when it did was so keen to ride quickly screwed the seat on and went for a burn round the block. Hoping to have the rear fairings on tomorow along with indicators and front mudguard. but still :D:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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