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How to remove the engine- honda cbr 250 mc22

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Hi all

My name is Bartosz. i bought cbr 250 with overheating problem. now i have to replace the head gasket to sort the issue. can u please advise me what are the steps to remove the engine from the motorcycle?

i have some tools and strong willingness to get more mechanical experience ;)

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Well I took apart my entire bike pretty much, except for the internal engine parts and gearbox. It definitely gave me a real insight on how everything is put together and how it works, in my opinion taking it apart is the best way to learn but do get the service manual.

As for taking out the engine, I would put the bike on stands, then remove the chain, take off the tank, side fairings, radiator, remove spark leads and all other wires, carbs (although not necessary), and some other things i can't think of and then place something underneath the engine so it won't drop and undo the engine mounting bolts.
This method is probably not the best one out there but that's how I would do it with my small setup.
u mentioned about the engine mounting bolts. are they the biggest ones to deal with? as i have small tool box with limited spanner sizes(would u know the exact sizes?). also is it a two mens job or i could do it myself only?

thanks dazz
mate you should PM Psidey or studricho, either of those 2 probably know some easy ways of doing things, from the rep stud has here you really cant go wrong, and Psidey well, i think he's proven he knows his stuff with these things.

im sure there are many people on here that can help though, but these is just 2 sure ways of finding out anything you may need to know. goodluck, happy tinkering :)
you would need sockets and some half decent tools......you wont be able to reach much with spanners....
this great crazylegs, i will try them guys.
Thanks two50rr i have sockets and them tools, i wasn't sure what size i should use, but def i'll ask people that tehy know more then me ;)

cheers mates
are you going to be replacing the head gasket yourself?
well... i was thinking to do it my self, yes. but after a consideration that i didnt do much mechanic work, it'll be better if i'll let somebody else to do it. somebody that knows how to put it back together properly, and in case get the head skimmed if it's warped.

therefore i need some help from psidey (which he gratefully offered) to take the engine out. one mechanic asked 250€ to change the head gasket, but another one asked only 110€ if the engine will be delivered to him.
i think it's a fair price, isn't it....
I have no idea about the price, maybe an Irish member can comment on that one. Probably a good idea to let someone else do the gasket though if you have never done it before though, there might be a few irish members who could help you out too.
hi All
the good news is that the engine is sorted, i mean it's now on its place.
the only problem is with the sprocket chain. how the hell will i put it on to this bolt? it is very easy to take off but focking hard to pull on the bolt, any advise on this?

another thing is. what steps do i follow to change the clutch cable?

many thanks
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