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Hey guys, Im finally nearing the end of my HSC major work and I need to find an mc19 tank with no rust to re paint (my project is an airbrushing job on the fairings didnt even realise i would need a new tank till now as im planning to keep my old scheme in someway to swap etc so ill need two tanks effectively) does anyone have any spares in Sydney or specifically Hurstville? I need one asap if anyone can help out or point me in the right direction. $80-$100 Cash?

UPDATE: Got a tank so disregard unless you need a screen etc thanks :)

Ill also eventually need a H Frame or mirror stay in any condition as long as it can be repainted and without major rust (i need it to work basically) if i can kill two birds with one stone that would be sweet let me know.

Also if anyone is looking for a red mc22 screen i messed up an order and have one brand new, obviously wont be needing it.

if anyone is interested i will post pics of the work when finished and i have everything back from the BOS for marking.

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