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Indicators . help .

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guys i just bought these new indicators for my cbr250rr , they're a carbon fibre look LED 'posh racing project' ones . when i connect it they don't work . i think cause these indicators are a lower voltage but i dont know what to do , help please .

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They look like they're LED's
which mean's you need resistors! (if you haven't already blown them)

Shouldn't they at least flash faster?
not necessarily. they need to draw a certain threshold current to get the flasher to run...

you need to connect a 6.8 or 7.5 ohm 20w (or 2x10w, or one if you aren't worried about the heat) in parallel on each indicator. it will cost about $12
You should still get a flash, even without the resistors.
Check your polarity and switch them, if that doesnt work they are dead.[hr]
Can also get Resistors from Jaycar Electronics, very cheap for components.
these will help


i prefer these,
theres no flash at all , and i dont think it's blown cause when i put it directly to the battery it works ..
have you got them connected the right way around?
being a diode, they will only let current flow in one direction.
This happened to me.

I bought and connected ONE set of resistors/relays and the indicators turned ON and STAYED ON.

So I went back to bought another set and connected the second set too. And it worked.

Just FYI. :)
leds are polarity critical and will only work 1 way unlike incandescent where u can hook the negative to the positive and it will still illuminate.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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