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Insurance: InsureMyRide?

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Hey all,

Just picked up new wheels and went with Swann at the Dealership because it was easier to just get it happening then figure it out later... But it's $$$. It's $1350 pa whereas insuremyride is like $900pa ($700 if I put down recreational because it's not my main mode of transport)

Has anyone used them? Good? Bad? Recommend anyone else?
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i have my R1 insured with them at the moment... havent been too painful to deal with. their repairer is pretty good to so i say go with them if the diff is this high. they are no worse than swann thats for sure.
Have my CBR 250RR with them - I like the fact that they reduce the amount if you've done a skills course. Ducati didn't do that!
I have them too. No idea if they are good as I haven't needed them yet, touch wood (settle ladies). But they are the cheapest for me.
i'm with them... yet to use them yet (touch wood) but ive heard of other people who have had to put through a claim and havent had any probs so i say go for it
If you're looking to save - WQBE used to price match and beat by 5%...

I don't know what they're like as I never made a claim when I was this them - but they do require a bit more paper work than most.
I had a look at insuremyride. For 3rd party F&T they quoted me $250.

RACV however quoted me $150 :: anyone had an experience with RACV for their bike?

My main concern is putting on an exhaust much louder than what's aloud... any suggestions and would this void my insurance even if i state i've made an exhaust modification?

All for a CBR250RR btw..
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