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IRL: K6 GSXR-1000 for sale (last time)

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Ok this is my last effort to sell my K6 before I ship it to Oz in about a month.

She is mint & well looked after. Oil & filters have just been changed as well as spark plugs & brake fluid. 9500 miles on the clock & fresh Pilot Power 2CT's with 190/55 rear for ultimate handling/grip. Bike is on a UK plate.

Extra's include:
- Genuine Suzuki/Yoshimura Titanium Tri-Oval exhaust with SET valve still in place (keeps idle/low RPM uxhaust noise down & then opens for full power/noise when going quick)
- Braking Wavey disks front & rear with matching HH pads
- Tinted double bubble screen
- Gold Anodised rear 43T Sprocket
- Colour matched rear seat cowl
- Fender eliminator & small number plate bracket
- Original exhaust, screen & rear sprocket included

The bike is just plain awesome with legendary performance. The engine needs no introduction & is putting out a genuine 165bhp at the rear wheel. Power is everywhere & it is maybe the best litre engine I have ever tested (Have ridden most of the litre bikes at this stage save for the Beemer). Power hits from 3000RPM like a sledge hammer all the way to the redline & the noise is just intoxicating - best exhuast/induction combo around.
Brakes are brutal & as good as the best I have ever experienced on any bike period. The wavey disks offer genuine 1 finger maximum braking at all speeds. Bite, feel, progressiveness & power - they have it all.
Handling is fantasic too thanks to the well liked Suzuki chassis & Pilot Power 2CT combo. Grip is not an issue, wet or dry, & this bike really devours the road at any speed. To say it is quick is an understatement - it is quick all the time without even trying.

Everything works properly & the bike has NO mechanical/electrical gremlins at all.

I am not messin or putting on the salesman act when I say that this is the best bike I have ever owned & ever ridden. Anyone who had a go of it can vouch for me. I am gutted to be in the position to try & sell it but also I need to be realistic too..

PRICE: 6000 EUR cash (539 EUR to clear customs duty)
CONTACT Karl 087 6545093 or [email protected]

Would appreciate if you guys could spread the word out... Will put it up in DoneDeal & Biker.ie too

Any questions just ask...

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Great bike Ken, good luck.

if you have to ship it out, how much will it end up costing for compliance etc.?
Need to apply for a ‘Personal Import Plate’ (that reminds me – better do that today) which is $50 & that allows me to register the bike here after an engineers check ($500ish). Then all I need to RW & REGO if I want to get the bike on the road. Could strip it & track it just as easy to save money perhaps??
Trackbiek ftw.
They are such a nice bike in that colour with that pipe!
Nobody buy it. Then ken'll be forced to bring it to oz and let me slut it around PI in the pouring rain.

You still got that ohlins shock for the 954 dude?

/vested interest.
fortytwo said:
Nobody buy it. Then ken'll be forced to bring it to oz and let me slut it around PI in the pouring rain.
If it sells for a good price Ken will buy a new S1000RR and let us all have a slut. ;)

Good luck Ken. :D
The way things are ooking ye'll all get to see it soon Aussies :( & :)

Some guy offered $4650 for it - sound
i've look after it if you want? man the way things are here you're better off keeping it. lads are selling a bike cause they need money so are selling it at what ever they can get which is having a domino effect on the rest of the prices
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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