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Italian GP

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Just watched the Italian GP. Not too bad of a race. Stoner came back in the end to fight for forth. Just starting to get into watching the races, especially since the HD quality is really good now. HD makes anything good to watch. Any thoughts or comments.....:popcorn:
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The fact that it took a while for somebody to post a thread said it all for me, it always seems a bit of an anti-climax when Pedrosa wins. Although the fight between Melandri, dePuniet and Stoner at the end was good.
Most posted in the Rossi thread already.

And it was a bit boring with Pedrosa leading by himself :(

But the 125 race was awesome! Woo Marc Marquez! Been waiting for him to win it, hes had a string of bad luck in the previous races, but FINALLY, WIN!
was pretty awesome.. just turn on the tv and i see hayden lowside it :headbang:
moto2 race was AWESOME as per usual :D

I liked the scrap for 4th in the GP though.

Go depuniet and melandri!

Is De Puniet on the new forum yet????
yeah wasnt a bad race in all tho not having the number 46 out was bit disheartening.. i was glad to see pedbot win cos it means we could at least have a battle between him and lorenzo for the championship!
Merudo said:
moto2 race was AWESOME as per usual :D

Is De Puniet on the new forum yet????

Moto2 was awesome, couldnt believe they all made it through first lap without a crash!

Im too hoping Randy is back to give hiz personal reviewz of ze race!
gotta admit, was kinda impressed by.. stoner.. :/
looked like he cruised the whole race to avoid binning it, and then last lap was all like "alright, better get infront before we finish this thing.." bam! done.

Impressed Pedbot actually made it to the end without choking and running backwards through the field.

Spies did good seeing it was his first time at mugello too
good but not a great race i think.

me, like im sure everyone else thought for a second that stoner had gone down again when hayden binned it. But like Drifty said, stoner seemed to be keeping pace to avoid the fall then switched it on in the last lap. Good job but he needs to figure out how to be that switched on the entire race (without falling obviously) if he plans on winning a race let alone the championship
Was interesting at the start and end. Boring everywhere in between.

When Hayden crashed out I thought it was stone again. But apparently all the other ducati riders are complaining about the front end
It was good to see a bit of Stoner talent come out. Haven't seen any for so long. Even if it was quite restrained.

Melandri, Spies, Dovi, so many riders to try to watch at once..!
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