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Its highway tiemz!

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Im off to Townsville tomorrow on a nice long road trip on the GPZ. I've got my leathers and wet weather gear and a puncture repair kit.

The support vehicle has fuel, oil, water and food.

It should go something like

Rocky - Marlborough BP 100kms
BP to Carmila Roadhouse 150kms
Carmila to Mackay 100kms
Mackay to Bowen 180kms
Bowen to Townsville 180kms

I only get around 200kms to a tank now with the insane carbs. Hopefully all the local wildlife stays away and I can enjoy it!! Maybe catch up with some Townsville peeps and go for an impromptu ride?
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What are you doing once your reach your destination?
Staying at a hotel, seeing some friends, maybe seeing the olds etc - do the lap around town that ends up on the strand. If I'd been able to stay for longer I would have gone up to Cairns and seen the peeps up there. Take a burn up Mt Stuart and Castle Hill an avoid all the bogans up for the V8 supercars later in the week!
Wishing you a safe jourmey mate.

Wish we had a support vehicle when we did the last Oxley trip.
sounds good mate, too effin cold here at the moment.
Well I just got back from the Rocky-Townsville-Rocky Trip in one piece.

We left around 8am on Tuesday morning, about 14 degrees and fine. The weather went downhill pretty quick and got misty/showers for about an hour. It was really quite cold all the way before Mackay, but eventually everything sorted itself out and got to Townsville at 6pm. It took a disturbing amount longer than in the ute because there were roadworks, frequent fuel stops and my wife got a speeding ticket because she was trying to catch up with me :D

As soon as we hit Tville and got into the hotel, I took the GPZ for a spin through the cool Townsville night without a hitch.

It started to rain, so I came back. I couldnt find anywhere to put the bike undercover, so regrettably I left it out in the carpark of the hotel under an awning.

Went to go for an early morning ride and it wouldnt start. Checked the battery - no fluid in there. Went to the nearest bike shop and bought a new battery - the bloke reckoned the reg/rec may have boiled the battery acid on the trip. So I got the motherinlaw to send up the reg/rec from the red GPZ in Rocky. Got it overnight and it seems to be all good.

I took a BMW S1000RR out for a spin as well from the Eurocycles dealership. Teh awesome!

Coming back, the GPZ kept running along nicely around 110kmh, but the oil weep (which allows it to glide through the atmosphere easier) was a cause for concern in that it lubricated my boots. Keeps them supple I guess. Sometimes I think theres more oil outside the engine than inside. Anyway the 27yo bike held together very well, was comfortable and overtook those pesky caravans and semi's like nobodys business. Im a bit sore, but I'd probably do it again, given the chance.

Earplugs are a requirement for highway riding. I've never been so thankful for a couple of pieces of foam in my life.
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Matt said:
sounds good mate, too effin cold here at the moment.
Bah. A few of us here went up to Reefton (past the Black Spur in Vic) and found fucking SNOW. Now, THAT was a cold ride.

yes. i suppose it would be.

fuck that.
sounds like fun...
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