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Get it going first. Even with a fresh top end it may run like a bucket of shit, be as slow as a wet week, not hold idle easily, need half an hour of kicking to fire, have all sorts of elecrical gremlins - you just don't know at this stage.

Worry about the roadworthy bits'n'bobs when you've ridden it and you decide you like it and you want to keep it. Until then, you're just talking yourself into spending more money that you're unlikely to get back when you sell it.

That said, any 6V bits from an old postie or any other 6V ag bike will work on it just fine. A (backlit) digital pushbike speedo would be the easiest way of getting a speedo on there if it doesn't have a speedo drive on the front hub.

As far as offroad goes... it'd probably be OK for a bit of sedate cow-chasing around a reasonably smooth paddock, but it won't have the suspension travel or the damping for anything more.
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