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Left and Right fork are different.

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I noticed this about a year ago when I first did my forks, and didn't think much of it.
I've taken my forks off so i'm taking this opportunity to share a pic.

As you can see, the fork on the right (which is the left fork on the bike) has a groove for the thin ring bit (don't all jump at once to commend me on my vast terminology).
Whereas the other one doesn't. The ring just sits where it wants randomly.

Normal or not?

thanks :)

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im pretty sure thats not normal...peace!
No circlip groove is odd... are all the bits the same length?
Mine had the groove it on both sides. Maybe you got china part.
yep, both forks are stock cbr250rr forks and are identical except for that groove.[hr]
dazz245 said:
Mine had the groove it on both sides. Maybe you got china part.
both forks are Showa KAZ-R
I don't think its a chinese part.. the quality of both look exactly the same.
I just went for a closer look and it seems that there is a score along the stanchion where the groove was meant to go, perhaps they just forgot to cut it :\
Is it a huge issue? I've been riding around for a year with that circlip just floating about.
dazz245 said:
Mine had the groove it on both sides. Maybe you got china part.
i actually read that to myself in a chinese accent.

yeah from memory my cibbie had grooves on both sides but my mates didn't.

mine = aus del, mates = import.

i'm not saying that the imports are different, it's just how it was with the two bikes.
The weirdest shit happens on these bikes, there's no consistency after all the owners they've been through.
Completely dismantled my mates forks on Monday to change the oil and seals, one side was missing the smaller spring that goes down the bottom (dampening spring??)
The other side was missing the wide odd shaped washer the seal sits on, after running around the wreckers and parts stores my mate decides we'll leave them both out so the sides are even (even though i said all should go back together as that arrangement has worked so far)
After re-assembling both forks completely (oil seals and all) we find one shock is about 10mm longer than the other (WTF)
Dissmantle the longer shock and chuck the smaller spring back in it ( the compressed spring was the exact length that the shock was longer) fill her back up and their perfect.
Point of that novel is i don't understand how the fuck the shocks which are meant to be identical only match up when there is parts missing/added but if it works it works, dont fuck with it.
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