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Lifter Valve getting stuck

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Hey all, hoping someone has an answer. I am currently rebuilding an MC22 engine. I am starting to reassemble and when I am trying to put in three of the Lifter valve/ Valve cap they are incredibly tight to get in, I have them in the same order as they were taken out. I checked with some Prussian blue and its tight on one side of the Valve. The Lifters aren't damaged, I have tried some other lifters and they are tight. Kinda at a loss as to what could have caused it?
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Hmmmm, odd one. Certainly sounds like they found the wrong home somehow
Interesting the valves are all seated properly but it could be worth looking to see if those 3 are a little wonky.
This is the reason it's a good idea to use lifter bore protectors, one little scratch in the aluminium will bind the lifter, the bores are a PITA to wet'n'dry
bent valve?
It might be interesting to see how the lifter fits in its bore in the cylinder head without any valve & valve spring assembly fitted.
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