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lost tv show

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Lostwas one of the two breakout shows in the fall of 2004. Mixing suspense and action with a sci-fi twist, it began with a thrilling pilot episode in which a jetliner traveling from Australia to Los Angeles crashes, leaving 48 survivors on an unidentified island with no sign of civilization or hope of imminent rescue. That may sound like Gilligan's Island meets Survivor, but Lost kept viewers tuning in every Wednesday night--and spending the rest of the week speculating on Web sites--with some irresistible hooks. First, there's a huge ensemble cast of no fewer than 14 regular characters, and each episode fills in some of the back story on one of them. There's a doctor; an Iraqi soldier; a has-been rock star; a fugitive from justice; a self-absorbed young woman and her brother; a lottery winner; Lost DVD 1-6
a father and son; a Korean couple; a pregnant woman; and others. Second, there's a host of unanswered questions: What is the mysterious beast that lurks in the jungle? Why do polar bears and wild boars live there? Lost DVD 1-6
Why has a woman been transmitting an SOS message in French from somewhere on the island for the last 16 years? Why do impossible wishes seem to come true? Are they really on a physical island, or somewhere else? Lost DVD 1-6
What is the significance of the recurring set of numbers? And will Kate ever give up her bad-boy fixation and hook up with Jack?
I love Lost, the cast, and of course Juliet and Kate. I would add that I love Sun too

Dexter DVD 1-4
Lost DVD 1-5
Grey’s Anatomy DVD 1-5
Family Guy DVD 1-7
Criminal Minds DVD 1-4
Zumba DVD
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Walt Disney DVD 164 Discs
Smallville DVD 1-9
House MD1-6
Cold Case DVD 1-6
The Sopranos DVD 1-6
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